Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This is just a little additional verbal dire-rear, with photos, which is in addition to the JBR's that I composed on Tripadvisor, Parts 1 to 9. If you haven't read them......why are you reading this?

The following is a composition of photos and comments in no particular order of our holiday to Bali in January 2013. I don't even know what I am about to do, so let's hope it all works out.

Well this pic of Padang Padang beach worked, looks like we're in business.

I loved Padang Padang, so did the wife, once the shock of the steps down and then back up again wore off, she hates steps, because of an old netball knee injury.

The kids enjoyed it also as it was the first time they could use their snorkels, except for our men only camping holiday to the Murray River prior to Bali. This time they could actually see stuff, like fish and each other.

Next time for a different view, I'd like to visit at low tide to explore the caves and rocks etc.

Fred and Barney, and wife in the background.... on the beach.

Our Hotel... sorry, Schapelles Hotel.... how bad must the inside be?

Unfortunately some familiar names.....

Fred at Nusa Lembongan.... amazing!



Man eating fish

It's truly amazing how millions of years of erosion shapes rocks into idol like images?

Fred lovin the $20 Jet-Ski and Barney goin nuts in the background.

This is the Adhi Jaya pool at peak hour, this, plus a room, plus breakfast for under $60 a night...... tell me I'm dreamin! Can you spot the Ranga?

Kuta Beach with "Paula"

Fred & Barney at Uluwatu

Greg @ Holiday Inn

Greg @ Sanur

Greg and Bori, not weeing on a palm tree @ Envy.

Bori, from the front

The painting by Julio ($20)

The photo by Greg

More of Julio's art, painted from a pillow case, that we took with us, a bit girly for me but The Wife loves it.

....often in the last 3 days.

Loo with a view, or view of a Loo?

View from our balcony

My classy Bintang shirts and my home made Swamp People "Choot em" t-shirt. 

Off's my blog, and my rules, ....this is not Bali, but this is where I went fishin yesterday, my little boat waiting for me.

Barney, Fred, Marge, Lisa and Bart @ Waterbom


mmmm satay!

a stray bogan....


 J Hurcules?

Dianne and her off-sider Elvis.... yes, he did leave the building.

Meals on wheels... Bali style

The white porcelain garage @ Poppies, my favourite.

The sign says "Respect our beach".... the beach is directly behind the 10 feet high pile of RUBBISH.

Somewhere over the Rainbow....

The sign says it all......... yep.... I star Bali

I have already written 14 thousand words in my JBR's, so I have done enough writing, this blog is more about the pictures..... cos they're worth a thousand words..... each. 

Thanks for watching, hope you had fun.

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